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The Truth Behind Rooting Android in 2019

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Should you root your Android smartphone in 2019? How easy is it? What are the best root apps right now?

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Magisk Zip File –
Zanti –
Netcut -…

33 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Rooting Android in 2019

  1. The way u theme the content is really awesome
    For e.g
    For arcai netcut
    "A siccors on one side and lan cable on other side "

    Ur thought process is amazing
    Amazing man

  2. Yes.
    When you buy a phone from a company that doesn't have root access. That basically means they are treating you like a baby. I root just because I can and I think more OEM's should support rooting.

  3. Watching on a rooted Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016)
    From my experience, it was hard.
    Took me 3 days to figure out how to. Lot of work: searching custom rom, custom recovery, magisk and flashing them and if anything goes wrong ; stuck on bootloop and then trying all over again. I wanted to have custom rom but flashing custom gives me soft brick/ stuck on SAMSUNG boot logo.
    Finally on Stock rom, but rooted with Magisk 19 (rooting with Magisk doesn't void Warranty and you still recieve OTA updates and Apps like Google Pay will still work)
    It is worth it, most of the apps seems to work, I can control wakelock, optimize cpu/ram/kernel, can use Naptime/Greenify/Brevent, I can completely uninstall system apps/Bloatwares, I can prevent apps from stealing my information/ control app permissions deeply and I feel free!

  4. continue this series bro, its been long time since you guys listed the best apps to use after rooting. please make the next video about that.

  5. I was a student of class 10th since I started rooting and modifying Android. completed my graduation too now in masters, I will still continue rooting my android phones and I love it ❤️❤️ it's been some crazy great years from SuperSU to Magisk ❤️

  6. You picked a topic like nuclear physics and tried to condense that in 10mins – I've absolutely no clue so as to what and why? Most people don't even realise what the term root means? Does it mean you get to install custom roms? Does it mean you get to run cool apps? You can install xposed modules? A custom ROM say lineage os does not need root – it needs an unlocked bootloader with a custom recovery aka TWRP – so that's that – this condensed crash course that you gave and your initial selection of Redmi, realme and Honor – it's like measuring value of human life in Sudan

  7. Hey I too have Honor Play but when I use a Xbox Controller to it using a otg its gets power up but after blinking it doesnt get paired so can you tell me how to pair a controller to Honor Play

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