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SECRET CODES Huawei Mate 8, Honor 8, P9, Lite | Tips and Tricks

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In this video I will show you some “secret” codes for Huawei Mate 8, Honor 8, P9, Lite (Android 6.0).You can use this codes to check hardware and software version of your phone, to diagnose the phone problems or to ensure you that your phone is working correctly.
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Here are the codes:

40 thoughts on “SECRET CODES Huawei Mate 8, Honor 8, P9, Lite | Tips and Tricks

  1. Hey, I have a P9, can you help me? I was seated with the phone in my back pocket, then when I pickep up my phone it as restarted in safe mode by itlsef, so now I've my phone layout all messed up withou folders etc, and my contacts are not showing, anly a few, even after restart it keeps that way…please help me

  2. Please help:

    I'm using the Huawei P10 Lite (model Version: WAS-LX1A) Emui Version 5.1

    How do you access the menu that allows you to select 4g LTE ONLY? I tried #*#4636#*# but it just goes back to dialer.. 😥 please kindly help? I tried apps in Google play store but they all keep saying "this device is not compatible with this app"

  3. I typed *#1234# on huawei p10 lite because my first smartphone was a samsung galaxy but obviously it didnt work but it s appeared "esecuting ussd" and an error with mmi. Did i change any setting on my phone?

  4. Thanks so much to share these codes, Believe me I had a issue with my phone in which the phone wasn't able to receive charging level at all, only when I turned on, The phone was able to charge only when I turned off but I tried with each of these codes and I could fixed it, now my phone is receiving charge in a normal way.

  5. Hi, I am desperately trying to increase the Headphone Output Volume on my Huawei P9 (Running Android 7.0), is there any way I can get to the "deeper" Volume Settings?

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