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Google Chromebook PixelBook Laptop/Tablet & Pen Unboxing & Impressions (Chrome OS & Android Apps)

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Last Night I received a Gift Box From Google, and it has in it the PixelBook and the Pixelbook Pen. So today I have for you my initial impressions and setup process of it. This has the I7 CPU with 512GB SSD.

Thank you for the support, and to Google for sending out this Amazing Pixelbook box…

25 thoughts on “Google Chromebook PixelBook Laptop/Tablet & Pen Unboxing & Impressions (Chrome OS & Android Apps)

  1. Why is this the review happening now? This model has been out for a long time. Based on other comments are going to guess it was a gift for reaching 100K subscribers? But how do you know that? Otherwise, great overall review. Nicely done.

  2. Been using mine since October 2018 as my daily driver for work and personal and I absolutely love it especially since my job relied on g suite apps as well as me being tied into the Google eco system.

  3. Make sure and test drawing apps in your final review. I would never buy it since it won't run zbrush (or any other drawing apps I use on Windows). Would be nice if there was a tablet screen mode that allowed it to connect to a PC or Mac and function like a drawing tablet…then it might be worth the money.

  4. Hey TK ! , Was wondering what the limits of Chrome OS are, since the hardware is itself very capable i would assume that the limitations the Pixelbook would face would be mainly due to the limitations of the OS itself , perhaps you could see the range of tasks it can perform , starting from taking notes , to maybe editing a video on it or something quite taxing on the system if possible . And Thank you for sharing your initial thoughts on the device !

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