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Free wireless internet (not wi-fi) anywhere, unlimited.

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This technique provides you with 100% free wireless internet service by connecting your cellphone or PDA to your computer via Bluetooth or…

24 thoughts on “Free wireless internet (not wi-fi) anywhere, unlimited.

  1. Another British Assault on America, folks, started in 1768
    When they wanted taxes on our beer & rum sales, History
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  2. It is only free if you don't consider how much you pay for your phone by the minute. If you have unlimited everything, I suspect you are paying heaps anyway -…

  3. This works. The logic is right, the protocals are correct, however, "Psuedo Dial-Up Internet" is rather slow. But using a 'PayLo" Vergin Plan, with no limit on calls, $50.00 and having Nation Wide Internet Service from the MILLIONS of Hot Spots without going to a Coffee Shop is Great.

    Don't expect to Mine Bit Coin or Upload Torrents all day. Eh?

    People old enough to remember WAR DRIVES with TOP RAMEN Soup Antenna's knows this is real.

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