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Budget Smart TV’s & Android TV What You Need to Know – TV Guide

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In this video I talk about Smart TV’s / Android TV’s budget Smart TV the different types of panels like IPS, VA the Smart TV functions what features you can expect truth about HDR and a lot more. Amazon Prime and Netflix support on these budget smart tv’s.

34 thoughts on “Budget Smart TV’s & Android TV What You Need to Know – TV Guide

  1. Hi, if I need to to choose 55inch UHD in between Sanyo, Samsung nu7100 and LG Uk6360PTE…
    Which one I have to buy??
    Will it have option to install apps like terrarium, One BoxHD etc??

  2. which smart tv should be better in 55'' variant? Marq, mi or VU (other suggestion if any). budget is not sufficient for premium brands like Samsung, LG, and Sony. performance and space. maters

  3. Dear ranjit sir…I have booked mi led TV 4x pro from Flipkart…for example if we buy any TV offline we can go to the shop and claim warranty….what should we do if we get any problem within the warranty period for my TV bought from Flipkart with 1 year mi brand warranty..

  4. Hi Ranjit, We r planning to buy 43 inch 4k tv. Confused between sony and lg. Both have different panels. Pros and cons as usual. I personally feel sony colors r a bit too much in some cases. Can u let me know some queries I have.
    1. Which brand is more reliable for long use. In our house tv tends to be used a lot. I heard panasonic has lot of issues with back light so we ruled that out.
    2. Lg has similar tech but I don't know about its reliability visavis sony. How reliable is sony edge led. Lg offers more features than sony for lesser price. So I'm confused.
    3. The dealers try to upsell a particular brand everywhere and I don't trust them .
    4. Is an android tv like sony better compared to web os in Lg. Croma dealer told me with new versions of android system will slow down but lg will not have such issues.

    Thanks and Regards,

  5. Thanks for the video it was really helpful.
    Would you suggest to buy a normal TV and use amazon Fire Tv stick or buy a smart Tv in 32 inch. Any views on Mi LED TV 4C PRO 80 cm (32) HD Ready Android TV or can you suggest a good smart Tv under 20k or non smart tv with amazon Fire Tv stick in 20k.

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