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Better Gestures and More on Android Q for the Google Pixel

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50 thoughts on “Better Gestures and More on Android Q for the Google Pixel

  1. What we need is a constant and neat animation in some third party apps, like "back" animation in Instagram, smooth Google UI when scrolling, and other UI animation that android still can't beat iOS.

  2. Although android offers all these customisation options and there are all kinds of 3rd party launchers and icon packs and whatnot, you can never get a setup which is both visually satisfying, doesn't impede usability, doesn't come with bugs and glitches, and is also consistent across all screens, menus, submenus, application icons, fonts, etc.
    You can make parts of it look cool, but then there will always be other ones which will look awful or inconsistent.
    Android customisation is a pipe dream.

  3. What are the negative results of running adb commands. I know root has risks but what about simple commands? What's basically everything bad that could happen by doing it?

  4. it is about time they remove the damn nav bar, it takes a lot of usable space, simply put a floating pill there like iOS does and implement gestures with it, I do not understand why they take so damn long to implement such a simple thing, they are turning into Microsoft with Windows 10.

  5. does anyone realise you can change the shape of the icons in the latest version of android? Everyone seems to be saying it as if its a new thing. Like it does change more things but the icons are still the same shape on the home screen… not throughout the UI

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