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Best Health and Fitness Apps of 2019 | iOS + Android

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In this video, I talk about my favorite health and fitness apps of 2019 that have helped me stay fit and healthy. Check out the links below!

😋 Bananiac’s Simple Vegan Recipes:
🏋 30-Day Fitness Challenge:
💪 Workout Tracker (Discount Code:…

6 thoughts on “Best Health and Fitness Apps of 2019 | iOS + Android

  1. For me personally, I prefer being more organic with my lifestyle and listening to my body instead of tracking numbers and such (it sparks an OCD behaviour to some degree too.)
    But I will say, I think apps like these are awesome if you have a specific goal you wanna reach or a lifestyle that requires more tracking.
    And dude, loveee the nightmare before Christmas painting beside you😍😁🖤

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