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AirPods on Android: Yay or Nay?

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In this video, we’re going to take a look at how well AirPods work with Android devices and if it’s possible to get a good user experience without an Apple device.

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19 thoughts on “AirPods on Android: Yay or Nay?

  1. You forgot to mention that an already paired Airpod takes 2 seconds with your iPhone to hear the “ding” which means connected but in Android it takes more time and sometimes you need to disconnect,connect and do some geeky stuff.
    I do not recommend it because on iPhone the connectivity works much better (I’m not talking about the features or Siri which I never use).

  2. Google Assistant used to work really well and maybe better than Siri. I think Apple possibly nerfed that function through firmware. The design is so clever and so simple to use on iOS – Apple at their best. The only real con I find is that battery life is now halved after 18months, so you probably have to replace them every couple of years I imagine.

  3. Android does what Apple won’t every damn time makes me feel like shit using my iPhone…then I get a green text and I get this weird sick feeling in my stomach and I understand.

  4. Summary: AirPods can function just as well on Android, but it's not nearly as seamless and achieving the full functionality may cause your battery to drain faster, as it requires the use for a third party application. Or you could just use your AirPods as regular BlueTooth earphones, and tap your phone for audio controls.

  5. Using AirPods on my Galaxy S6 edge a month before I got my iPhone X is part of what convinced me to switch over to iOS. The AirPods are absolutely perfect with iPhones, but the ease of use is still relatively apparent while using them on an Android.

  6. Do you ever think apple will develop an app so more features will work on other non-apple devices. I realize currently they want to draw users to the apple environment.

  7. Yeah they work at least as well as other Bluetooth earbuds on Android.

    You lose out on a few features, but I think that just speaks to how feature-rich they are when using other Apple products.

    EDIT: I now see that’s the point of the video! That said, I see a lot of articles that infer they’re not for Android phones, so I was kind of primed for such misstatements!



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